Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd is Mumbai India based diversified financial services group involve in 5 businesses including capital markets, asset management, credit, commodities and insurance. The Retail Broking business of Edelweiss offers facilities to invest & trade in all major asset classes: Equity, Debt, Mutual Funds, IPOs (offline only), Currency Derivatives and Futures & Options.

Edelweiss’s Trading Platforms:

  1. Website www.Edelweiss.in

    The Edelweiss.in website is a free online trading platform offering trading and investment in financial products including stock, commodity and mutual funds. The website also offers portfolio tracking, charting, news and an instant fund transfer services.

    Another key feature of this website is the ‘Quick Trading Toolbar‘ which allows customers to trade instantly. This toolbar also keeps track of all recent activities i.e. stocks viewed, pages surfed/taking position/tracking stock or contracts.

    Edelweiss also has a low bandwidth website (Mobile WAP) which enables customers to trade on the mobile devices. Using this extremely light website customers can place trades and monitor stock positions in real-time on the mobile phone.

  2. Edelweiss Xpress

    The Xpress a free web browser based trading application offering terminal-like experience without installing any software on your computer.

    Build with Java-based technology, Xpress is a browser based application which replicates the trading terminal by providing live streaming of stock quotes.

    Edelweiss Xpress allows Edelweiss customers to buy & sell equity and derivatives directly from the Xpress screen in Delivery, Intraday and T+5 segments.

  3. Edelweiss Xtreme Trader

    Xtreme Trader is a ‘Installable Desktop Trading Software‘ offering live-streaming quotes, advance charting tools and technical analysis for high frequency traders. Xtreme Trader offers customizable interface, shortcut keys for frequent actions, instant flashing research calls, stock alerts (on-screen, sms and e-mail) on condition defined by you and powerful charting tools designed for traders.

  4. Edelweiss Mobile Trader

    Mobile Trader, a free smart phone trading app, offers trading capabilities (trade on NSE, BSE in Equities, Derivatives and Currency) on mobile phone to Edelweiss clients. In addition, it also offers live streaming quotes, portfolio monitoring, fund transfer, charting (candle stick, area, line, OHLC), experts research, Trade Book, Order Book, Holdings, Balances and many other useful features.

Account Types:

  1. Standard Brokerage PlanThis basic brokerage plan is offered to beginners. The brokerage rate under this plan are provided in brokerage section of this page.
  2. Advanced Brokerage Plans(ADB Plan)Edelweiss offer flat rate plans to high frequency trader or experienced investor. This plans are valid from 3 months to 12 months and required customer to pay upfront subscription fee in advance. This plan offers up to 66% on brokerage.
  3. Lifetime Validity PlanThese are ADB plans that have a validity of 15 years.

Edelweiss Brokerage Charges 2018

Edelweiss charges brokerage based on the brokerage rates specified in the account opening form or as per the product / scheme opted by the client from time to time. Based on the value of business done by the client and risk perception, Edelweiss may increase/reduce the brokerage rate.

Standard Brokerage Plans

Edelweiss offeRsstandard plans for their InvestoRswith no upfront subscription fee but there is a account openin fee of Rs750. InvestoRshave to pay minimum brokerage of 3 paisa per share in delivery trade and 1 paisa per share on Intraday and Futures Trades. In addition to the brokerage, customer has to pay statutory/regulatory levies and other charges like STT, SEBI Turnover Fees, Exchange Transaction Charges, Stamp Duty (as applicable state wise) and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Edelweiss Brokerage Plans
Plan 1 (Investor) Plan 2 (Investor)
Mutual Fund Transaction Charges Nil Nil
Demat Annual Maintenance Free for 1st Yr From 2nd Yr, Rs 500/PA Free for 1st Yr From 2nd Yr, Rs 500/PA
Cash Delivery Rate 0.45% 0.55%
Intraday Cash & Equity Futures 0.06% 0.04%
Equity Options Rs 150 per lot Rs 120 per lot
Currency Futures 0.050% 0.035%
Currency Options Rs 50 per lot Rs 30 per lot
Account Opening Charges Rs 750 Rs 750

Prepaid Brokerage Plans

Edelweiss offers multiple prepaid plans so traders can choose the one which best suits to them. They charge upfront subscription fee which comes with 12 months validity. Subscription amount will be utilized and adjusted at the subscription utilization rate, which will be charged as mentioned in the subscription plan. All delivery trades will be charged at a discounted rate of 1 paisa per share, at 0.1 paisa per share in futures and intraday cash trades and all option trades at 1 per lot in contract notes. Also the over-utilization will be charged at post utilization brokerage rates.

Edelweiss Prepaid Brokerage Plans
 Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Subscription Fee (Rs) 12,000 24,000 54,000 1,12,000
Goods and Services Tax (GST) (Rs) 2,160 4,320 9,720 20,160
Total Amount (Rs) 14,160 28,320 63,720 132,160
Validity Period (In months) 12 12 12 12
Delivery 0.30% 0.22% 0.17% 0.10%
Futures & Intraday 0.03% 0.02% 0.02% 0.01%
Equity Options (Rs per lot)* 90 60 40 25
Currency Futures* 0.04% 0.03% 0.02% 0.01%
Currency Options (Rs per lot)* 22 15 10 6
Persnal Accident Insurance Cover (Rs in lakhs) 0 0 5 5
Criticare Insurance Cover (Rs in lakhs) 0 2 5 5
Medical Insurance Cover (Rs in lakhs) 1 2 5 5


Demat Account Charges

S.N. Transaction Demat Fee
1 Account maintenance (AMC) Rs 500 p.a. (1st Year Free)
2 Market / Off Market Transfers/ Inter Depository ÂÂ
 a. Purchase (Credit in) Nil
 b. Market Sell within Edelweiss Rs 20 per transaction (minimum deposit of Rs 200 against advance transaction charges)
 c. Off Market Transaction Rs 20 per transaction
 d. Sell (Debit from) target other than 3b) and c above Rs 40 per transaction
3 Pledge / Hypothecation ÂÂ
 a. Creation / Acceptance / Closure Rs 50 per transaction
 b. Invocation Rs 25 per transaction
5 Remat Charges Rs 10 per 100 securities or part thereof (Subject to minimum of Rs 10 per request) + Rs 30 for postage
6 Reactivation Charges NA
7 Account Closing Nil


Edelweiss Advantages

  1. Research provided by Edelweiss is one of the best offering in brokerage industry in India. This include both fundamental calls and technical calls.
  2. Well diversified financial product portfolio.
  3. Wide offline presence through branch and franchises makes it easy for customers. Online trading tools makes it easy for online investors and traders.
  4. Excellent website and mobile application for trading. Its user friendly, simple and rich with features. Customer can expect tips, reports, data, news etc. at one place.


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