Which is The Best Stock Broker For Intraday & Delivery Trading?

Best Stock Share Broker in India :

Obviously Zerodha is the Best Discount Broker for Intraday  Trader as well as for Delivery Investor in India.

When I was a beginner in this market, I used to trade and invest using my other trading account (now I am using Zerodha account). But I understood that a huge amount of brokerage charges I was paying .

when I did intraday, my strategy was to make only 0.25% per trade using maximum of my margin amount. I used to do 3 to 5 trade per day. So i had a huge amount of traded value each and every day. So I had to pay a huge amount of brokerage charges​. My accuracy was also at a good level. But at the end of the day my net profit was nothing (very few), only because of high brokerage charges, as they charged​ as percentage on total traded value amount, there was no flat brokerage charge per trade. If you trade with high amount then you have to pay higher brokerage charges.

To fix this big problem I searched on internet to find out the best broker company in India, and came to know that Zerodha is the best, a lots of traders and investors suggested​ me that for a day traders as well as for investors Zerodha is the best because they have a flat brokerage charge only Rs 20 ( or 0.01% which is lower) per trade, whatever the total traded value you are trading. And in case of delivery it is much more better than any other broker company in india, because it is totally free of cost for delivery.

Why Zerodha is best:

1. It gives maximum leverage for intraday. If you use bracket order it gives upto 27 times of margin value ( I used it when I traded Axisbank like stocks).
2. Flat brokerage charge of RS 20 ( or 0.01% which is lower) only for intraday.
3. Totally zero brokerage for delivery.
4. There is no minimum amount to start with.
5. You can also invest in Mutual Fund through Coin, and there is no brokerage for investment up to Rs.25000
6. Mobile app kite and for desktop pi are two really user friendly platform with a lots of features for technical and fundamental analysis. Various types of charts pattern using different tools are available.
7. Bracket order ( you can use buy , sell and stop loss in a single order)Cover over are really amazing for intraday traders.
8. You can use AMO ( after market order).
9. Call and trade facility also available.
10. For enhancing knowledge they have “Zerodha versity” for their clients with totally free of cost.
11. Zerodha Quant analyzes your historical trades and provides insights. you can see your current profitable streak (A challenge), Best day to Trade, Optimal position size etc via Quant.
12. They have 60 day challenge program for their clients to get back their brokerage charge.
13. Zerodha affiliate program ( refer clients and get 10% of brokerage charge ).
14. And another most important platform of Zerodha, for technical and fundamental analysis is Stock screener, by smallcase
15. Pulse is an app by Zerodha, you can use it to get updated on financial, business, market related news from major news papers and channels.
16. Only most important thing about Zerodha is they never suggest you about buying or selling any Stocks​. They will give every necessary tools and platforms​ and you have to do your own experiment and research.
17. Finally I like them because they always add new features, keep update their clients and they always try to give much more better facilities than other broker companies in India
18. The account opening process is also smooth and simple where you can esign using your Aadhar and upload the bank document and signature.
19. Now they have more than 6 Lakh happy customers and this numbers is increasing day by day.

Hope this will help you to know about India's largest discount broker Zerodha.

With best regards,

Amiya Sarkar
(Value Investor in Indian Stock Market & Founder Of investowish.com)

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